Jack decides to give Peggy Power of Attorney. Tom is feeling the pressure of being “Brian’s Pig Man”.

Radio Times: Jack shows a spirit of forgiveness.

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  • Peggy is helping at the harvest supper but Alan and Jack seem to get in the way. Alan meantime is so disappointed that Emma and William have split up. He really thought they’d make it. It’s getting around the village though, Mike has heard and Ruth knows Ed is living in the caravan.
  • Alan tries to explain his sermon to Jack, but Jack seems to be getting confused about it – he clearly thinks it means something to do with whether Hazel really deserves the money.
  • Tom’s contract with the supermarket finishes at the end of next week. So that’s the end of the organic pork. He’s particularly unimpressed by Alan announcing the pork as Home Farm pork and not Tom Archer pork. He’s just feeling like Brian’s pig man. David thinks he should be more assertive.
  • Jack has decided not to change his will. Hazel will receive just what he always planned. Not as much as she hoped but she is his daughter and he is not going back on her commitment to her. He has to take some share of the blame for how she’s turned out. But he does want Peggy to have the Enduring Power of Attorney and he knows he needs someone he can trust and he knows he can trust Peggy.

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