Kate is coming home without Nolly and Will threatens Emma with a solicitor.

Radio Times: Will plays hardball.

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  • Ed and Emma are adjusting to life in the caravan. It’s Susan’s birthday and Ed is sent to buy a card. William wants to come round to talk about things but Emma is finding him frightening.
  • Lilian isn’t impressed that Jack is still leaving money to Hazel in his will. But Jennifer thinks the main thing is Peggy has got the power of attorney. Meanwhile, Lynda still hasn’t had much success in getting a picture of the parakeet so Lilian suggests lending Jack the camera – he only has to press a button and Lynda isn’t having any luck.
  • Will tries to persuade Emma to try mediation but she’s not interested. Will still insists that George is his and with his name on the birth certificate he has “presumption of legitimacy” which gives him rights and responsibilities. Emma is confused and has no idea what any of that means.
  • Jennifer has heard from Kate, she’s coming home but without Nolly so Lucas can bond with her. Lilian is more interested to find it’s her rather than Lynda who has been featured in Borchester Life, Ambridge’s Joan Collins apparently! Lynda is heartbroken.
  • Emma tells about Ed’s visit. She still wants to run away but Ed counsels that if Will has got the law involved they don’t want to make things worse. They need to give him time to calm down. The three of them are together now and they aren’t going to let Will come between them.

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