Eddie and Joe disagree about how to deal with Ed. Clarrie is torn between them.

Radio Times: Clarrie does the decent thing.

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  • Clarrie is having to deal with Joe who is pretty upset about what is happening. She’s having to battle on. Ed turns up rather unexpectedly at Bridge Farm looking for Tony to see if there is any work going. Pat is a bit embarrassed about it all in front of Clarrie but she says she’ll try to help.
  • Eddie has got Joe out collecting apples but Joe is pretty miserable about it. They’ve still got to make the cider though. It makes a good profit. Ed comes across Joe apple picking. Joe tries to understand what is going on – he and Susan weren’t always happy but he had to think more of his wife and sons than himself. Ed tries to explain that they love each other. But Eddie just decides to ignore him.
  • Peggy is struggling a bit with Jack. He’s trying to work out why Lilian was in Borchester Life while trying to work out how to operate Linda’s digital camera. Then the parrot turns up, just when Peggy has left the room.
  • Peggy is looking forward to seeing Kate again. She wrote such a sweet message in her card. Pat finds it a bit funny how she didn’t seem to think so much of Ambridge when she lived here. Things with Tom and Tony aren’t getting any better either. They don’t see him much anymore now he’s over at Brian’s all the time. Peggy hopes it is all sorted soon – this might be the last time some of them see Kate and family is too important.
  • Joe is furious that Eddie is just ignoring Ed; you never give up on your family. But Eddie thinks that they can’t show that they are 100% behind William if they show an ounce of sympathy towards Ed. Clarrie appears to agree.

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