The last of the pigs are moved from Bridge Farm.

Radio Times: David’s sense of humour is put to the test.

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  • Tom is not impressed Tony is prepared to give Ed work after what he’s done to Will. Relationships are still pretty strained between them. Pat tries to smooth things over but Tom still thinks it’s Tony’s fault. Pat tries to explain how Tony feels but Tom isn’t listening.
  • Kirsty is moaning about how much Sam talks about the farm – but Ruth thinks he’s very knowledgeable in some areas! But David rather ruins things by driving over Sam’s plate meter! Kirsty thinks it’s all rather amusing!
  • Tom and David are moving the last lot of pigs from Bridge Farm to Home Farm. Tony actually tries to help but seems to “pull something”. He’ll miss the last of the pigs though. David tries to convince Tony it’s just the way Fathers are. Phil still hasn’t stopped telling David what to do.
  • Pat and Tony will miss the pigs – Tony talks about how it reminds him of John but Pat doesn’t want to be reminded. They are Tom’s pigs now.
  • Ruth tells David Sam has another tantrum about the plate meter. He sees it as a sign of the general disregard with which they treat him. So he’s now demanding a new one – at a cost of £5000. David is all set to have a go at him when Ruth reveals it was just a wind up.

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