Gossip about Emma and Ed is getting round the village. Lynda isn’t prepared to let Lilian’s distortion of the “free press” rest.

Radio Times: Lynda fights against injustice.

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  • Lynda tries to be helpful with Emma but Emma doesn’t seem keen. Lilian in the meantime seems to think Ed and Emma should sell their story to the papers. Unfortunately Emma seems to overhear and is a bit embarrassed – especially when she doesn’t have the money for her shopping. Kirsty turns up as Emma escapes from the shop and Emma can’t cope any longer. She bursts into tears.
  • Lynda pops round to see Jack and seems to have found he’s taken excellent pictures of the parakeet! She never should have doubted him!
  • Kirsty tries to encourage Emma to believe she’d made the right decision. She’s got lots of support. Not everyone is like Lilian. Emma is going to be fine.
  • Lilian turns up at the Lodge while Lynda is there. She makes it clear she’s very upset that Lilian stole her thunder in Borchester Life. Then Jack let’s slip that the editor is one of Matt’s golfing buddies. Lynda is not impressed at this distortion of the free press! She has some letters to write!

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