Brian forces Tom to reduce the meat content of his sausages. Clarrie tells Ed he will have to prove he is George’s father.

Radio Times: Brian goes for maximum profit.

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  • Siobhán has sent more photos of Ruaridh. Jennifer isn’t impressed. She also isn’t pleased when he says he is planning to travel to Hungary in November when Kate will be home. William pops round and still seems devastated. It really doesn’t seem fair.
  • Tom has sent off his final supermarket order – it’s very galling the money he wasted. At least the new labels look okay. But Brian insists that they reduce the meat content. Tom is not pleased but Brian stresses that they sausages just don’t sell the way they are at the moment and changes will have to be made. Tom is beginning to show signs that he may not be sure he’s made the right decision.
  • Roy says he will be pleased to see Kate – it may be difficult for him but the main thing is it is important for Phoebe. Jennifer is down that she won’t see Nolly so Brian suggests they go out to Johannesburg to see her at Christmas.
  • Roy tries to get William to enforce his rights to see George. Banging on the door won’t help. Emma has to understand that she has to cooperate.
  • Emma and Ed are getting used to living together in the caravan – he’s even got some housekeeping money. Clarrie pops round to visit and still doubts that George is Ed’s son. She says if he’s so convinced, he’s going to have to prove it.

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