William insists on having George for the afternoon.

Radio Times: Will gets assertive.

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  • Emma doesn’t like it but Will is bent on seeing George this afternoon; indeed he intends to take him for the afternoon. Susan sees his point of view: he believes he is George’s dad and he has rights that he would not jeopardise by snatching George, for that is Emma’s fear. Will is only taking him to Keeper’s Cottage.
  • Uncharacteristically, Joe is off his food. Eddie smells a plot to get him to change his mind about disowning Ed and he forbids Clarrie to mention to William the idea of having tests to establish paternity.
  • David is smartening Brookfield up for Apple Day on Friday. It won’t be the same without George and his ability to recognise a variety by its taste; Lynda has a reference book and will do her best. Jill plans to bring Marjorie because she seems depressed; there is a rumour that The Laurels is closing.
  • Eddie sees some justice in Emma being obliged to live in the same caravan that she hated before her marriage. William declares he will fight to have George half of the time. Clarrie tries to point out the impracticality of that idea, fair though it may be. George is getting agitated. He needs a drink and naughty mummy has not provided a bottle.
  • Jill has had the idea to ask Susan about The Laurels but she picks a bad time to call. Susan is expecting William back any minute and ushers Jill away, lest she should witness the confrontation. Emma declares that Will shall not have George again. William insists that George is his son and he is not letting him go; he will be round on Thursday!

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