Hayley hungers for her own home.

Radio Times: Hayley pushes for progress.

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  • It’s been another bad night for Hayley: Mike appears to feel that, if he has to get up early for his milk round, then everyone else should too. Hayley is desperate to move out and plans to spend her day off house-hunting. She is pleased with Roy’s idea for them to have a drink in The Bull this evening but of course that relies on the built in baby-sitter that comes with living with parents.
  • Now that Susan has got over the trauma of the confrontation between Will and Emma, she has time to dwell on what Jill said to her. Is The Laurels really closing? She can’t afford to lose another job! Betty suggests a quiet word with the owner. Susan’s money worries have not been made easier by the delay in selling the caravan – they had a buyer lined up.
  • Helen has some sympathy for Hayley but the atmosphere with Mike and Betty is as nothing compared to that at Bridge Farm. Tony is taking on the work that Tom used to do. It had always been assumed that Tom would take over eventually but that is now in doubt.
  • Will confides in Roy over a pint: Emma alleges that Ed, not William himself, is George’s father. She is obstructing his access to George and Will just knows that she is lying about paternity. She says she had a fling with Ed. When Roy raises the possibility that it might be true, William will not hear of it.
  • Hayley finds Betty, rather upset, in with the hens: she is missing Brenda. When Roy turns up they go for that drink and Hayley learns of Emma’s allegations. William is in denial; he will not admit the possibility. If it is true, it will destroy Will completely.

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