Emma’s “secret” spreads. Tom is persuaded to make peace at Bridge Farm.

Radio Times: Helen tries to build bridges.

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  • Clarrie is late for work and rather distracted about problems at home. Pat, who knows a thing or two about depression, urges her to get Joe to a doctor. Oops! Clarrie spills the yogurt and Pat foots her foot down – leave the mess, a rest, a chat and a cup of tea are needed.
  • When Tom delivers to the shop he has first to endure Kirsty’s comments about his defection to Home Farm, then his sister telling him that he must put some effort into building bridges. No more avoiding the issue, he must come to supper this evening.
  • Over a cup of tea, Clarrie explains the problem. She cannot understand why Emma went ahead and married William and, when the matter of George’s parentage is explained, neither can Pat. If they have a DNA test and it proves that Edward is the father, what will that do to William?
  • Jennifer brings good news from Lynda: Borchester Life are going to do a feature on the Cat & Fiddle which should make it more difficult for the owners to go back on their agreement to restore the place. Brian has good news too: the pub managers they entertained have agreed to put Tom’s sausages on the menu at all their pubs. Tom’s production will be half what it was with the supermarket.
  • Tom even turns up at home with a bottle of wine. No sooner had he got out his good news about the sausages than the phone heralds a new crisis. Tony has put his back out and cannot move; a rescue party is despatched.

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