Archers pull together to help Tony in his hour of need.

Radio Times: Tom steps into the breach.

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  • In a crisis the Archers pull together, so David is soon at Bridge Farm to see what help is needed. Tony is OK as long as he doesn’t move; he just bent down to have a look at a cow. He is less than happy that Pat has left Ed Grundy in charge of the casuals but Pat reckons he can be very forceful – and she didn’t want to leave Clarrie alone just now.
  • When he checks with Tom, David finds that all is under control, including the afternoon milking that David had offered to do. Jennifer is going to take Tony to the osteopath but first has to endure David’s criticism about luring Tom away. That’s not all. Tony has a dig about Jennifer getting her daughter back, since Kate is coming on a visit from South Africa; could he have his son back!
  • Ruth is gently coaxing a calf when Lynda breezes in with no regard for the animal. When Ruth has finished Lynda explains that the library have found her a really good book on apples – illustrated. As they survey the orchard, Lynda asks David about the Cat & Fiddle; has he heard anything? He has. The Planning Committee is struggling to fulfil demand for new housing, so is more favourably disposed to change of use. Stephen Chalkman (mate of Matt Crawford’s) is rumoured to be interested in turning the Cat & Fiddle into luxury flats. Oh no! (That was Lynda, not Ruth, giving Dead Ringers more ammunition!)
  • The osteopath has straightened Tony out but ordered two weeks without bending. Tom, meanwhile, has been getting ready to bring the cows in, anticipating that would be soon. Tony thanks him for stepping into the breach; he really appreciates it.

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