Another confrontation with Will but this time Emma will not let him take George.

Radio Times: Emma fights fire with fire.

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  • Susan eventually managed to talk to the owner of The Laurels and was assured, but not convinced, that her job is safe. Neil has told his buyer that he will have to wait two weeks for the caravan, so that’s when he wants Emma and Ed out.
  • Emma is adamant that she will not have a test done to prove that Ed is George’s father; without that, Ed feels that she should let Will have George for an hour or two but Emma is terrified that he will not bring George back. When Will arrives there is another shouting match, with Ed in the middle trying to calm things down. Will calls Emma ‘cow’ and ‘selfish bitch’ but leaves alone.
  • Lilian explains to Peggy that she has master-minded the salvation of the Cat & Fiddle project: Matt’s ex-friend Stephen Chalkman (they are not on speaking terms any more) has too many skeletons in his cupboard, allowing Matt to lean on him to give up his development plans. So Lynda will forever be in Lilian’s debt!
  • It has not been a good day. After the debacle with Will, Emma braved the village shop where she encountered Lynda Snell and was snubbed by Jolene. Susan calls and is disappointed to find Ed there; she is also disappointed that Emma has not let Will have George: he will only get a court order. Then Neil joins in with the news that his buyer for the caravan has dropped out; now he won’t be able to sell until the Spring and they need the money. He takes his frustration out on Ed, asking how he will support their daughter, never having had a proper job. Ed is doing his best to find work – but it isn’t good enough.

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