Alan and Usha are about to be invaded – by Mabel and Satya respectively.

Radio Times: Alan and Usha prepare to be invaded.

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  • It’s Apple Day and Ruth is preparing Brookfield for an invasion. She is surprised to see Usha; why isn’t she at work? She too has an invasion to prepare for: Auntie Satya is coming to stay.
  • Ed is feeling bad about what Emma’s dad, usually a quiet chap, said yesterday. Should they pay rent? Emma denies that the caravan is charity – they are family. George’s passport has arrived but won’t do them much good right now.
  • Lynda has time to spare from her apple identification to ask why Usha is not at work. She doesn’t have many takers, except a hoaxer with an imported apple. Lilian delights in explaining to Lynda about her role in the Cat & Fiddle project.
  • Alan and Usha discuss the break-up of Emma and Will’s marriage after just a year; should Alan have seen it coming? He recalls that all his friends had advised him not to get married but it had worked. Usha’s experience was the opposite: all her family and friends encouraged her but she drew the line at moving to India. Right decision? She will never know. Alan is glad she is still here; he is also pleased to hear about Satya’s visit because Mabel is about to visit and he thinks they will get on.
  • Ed has been talking to Oliver who suggested that he goes away on his own to seek work. Emma will not hear of it but Ed is clearly troubled by what her dad said. She suggests advertising in the ‘Situations Wanted’ column; he needs to sell himself. But don’t ever talk about leaving without her or George; she won’t ever let him go.

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