Tom’s under pressure and Will decides to exert some pressure.

Radio Times: Kenton comes to the rescue.

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  • Will asks his mother to come with him to take George out for the afternoon; he’s sure that Emma will try to stop him seeing his son, but she might let Clarrie have him.
  • Ed gets back from a car boot sale just in time to see George roll over for the first time. Emma seems to have inherited her mother’s social ambitions; she thinks Ed should describe himself as am experienced herd manager when he puts his ad. in the farming press. When the door bell rings, Emma wants to pretend they’re out, but she’s reckoned without Clarrie, who very firmly insists on seeing her grandson. She tells Emma she’ll bring him back at six, and tells her to make sure she packs his bottle this time.
  • A very fed-up Tom is shifting pig-arks, when Brian catches up with him. Although he does help to shift the ark, he also tells Tom that he needs to get on top of the job and organise something for British Sausage Week. A very weary Tom tries to point out that he’s already working flat out, but Brian’s in no mood to listen.
  • Tom goes for a beer and tells Kenton how Brian is driving him into the ground. Kenton sees a marketing opportunity in sausages, and offers to take on the promotion. With great relief, Tom accepts.
  • Clarrie enjoys time with George, though Will clearly has other things on his mind. He’s seeing a solicitor tomorrow, and intends to file for divorce. Clarrie is shocked at his haste, but Will’s determined; Emma’s not coming back, and even if she wanted to, he wouldn’t have her back now.

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