Alistair spoils the evening. Oliver puts his trust in Ed.

Radio Times: Shula papers over the cracks.

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  • Ruth and a rather reluctant David are hosting a family dinner party in honour of George Barford’s birthday. David’s sure that Alistair will find an excuse not to come.
  • Alistair, called out by Ed, checks over Oliver’s cattle. When Alistair expresses surprise that Ed can show responsibility, Oliver’s quick to come to his defence. Ed will be left in charge while Oliver goes to France with his daughter. Sourly,Alistair says he wouldn’t mind the chance of a holiday.
  • At the Stables, Shula tells Chris how worried she is at the way her overheads are increasing. Her insurance premium has shot up since the negligence claim. Chris’ dog, Walt, wanders about, and when Alistair comes back, he’s very short with Chris about the fact that Walt’s not on a lead. Chris quickly takes him home.
  • Ed tells Oliver about his ad in the farming press, and Oliver tries to encourage him. Ed admits that he’d really like to go abroad, away from their immediate problems.
  • The dinner party gets under way, but Alistair’s behaviour is an embarrassment to everyone. He snipes constantly at Shula, even using the gossip about baby George’s paternity to get at her.

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