Jennifer annoys Betty and Susan. Lynda annoys Will. Emma remains stubborn.

Radio Times: Lynda basks in her own glory.

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  • In the shop, Jennifer manages to annoy both Betty and Susan with her condescension and unconvincing attempts at sympathy. Betty admits to Susan that’s she’s worried about Kate coming home and upsetting Phoebe.
  • Someone else whose oozing sympathy is misplaced is Lynda, when Will comes to Grey Gables looking for Roy. Luckily she’s full of excitement about the Borsetshire Life photo shoot at the Cat and Fiddle, so when Roy suggests she might like to leave early, Lynda jumps at the chance.
  • Will tells Roy he’s seen his solicitor with a view to instigating divorce proceedings, but all he got was advice to try mediation. Will’s determined to fight for access to George, and to divorce Emma as quickly as possible. When he finishes work, Roy tells Betty about Will’s troubles, and says he’s going to take extra time off when Kate arrives, to help Phoebe adapt to seeing her mother.
  • Over tea, Lynda tries to tell Jennifer about the photo-shoot, which appears to have consisted of endless shots of Lynda herself. Her prattlings go unheard, though, because Jennifer is full of the story she’s unearthed at the library about the Lowton-Hopes, precursors of the Lawson-Hopes, who apparently feature in one of Joe Grundy’s ghost stories.
  • Susan tries once more to make Emma see reason and let Will see George, but Emma won’t listen. When Will phones he tells her he’s divorcing her, which, says Emma, is fine by her. Then he says he’ll go to court to get parental access – and rings off before Emma can begin her argument that he’s not George’s father. Angrily, Emma tells Susan that she and Ed will get a DNA test to prove who the father is.

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