Sam has something to celebrate. Tony has nothing to celebrate. Tom’s too tired to celebrate.

Radio Times: Emma decides to prove who’s the daddy.

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  • Tony’s down in the dumps because the co-op has rejected 40% of his carrot crop. It will just have to go as pig food; but at least that gives him the opportunity to get a dig in at Tom. Later, Ruth calls round to cheer Tony up, and commiserates over the difficulties of making a living from farming.
  • Ruth’s not convinced that Kenton’s British Sausage Week fliers are altogether truthful, but tells him all about the dinner party. They’re interrupted by Sam, who’s won a Best Monthly Herd Performance award. To celebrate, he’s taking Kirsty out to lunch – at Jax? asks Kenton. And that’s exactly where they do end up.
  • Kirsty chats amiably to Tom when he delivers veg at the shop, but he’s clearly put out when Kirsty manages a dig about supermarkets spoiling people’s lives. He’s even more fed up when Sam blithely suggests a threesome at Jaxx.
  • Emma discovers that she can’t get a DNA test on the NHS, so looks up clinics on the computer at the Bull, helped by Kirsty. She’s shocked at the cost; they haven’t got that sort of money. So Will will just have to pay for them all to have the test.

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