Matt’s up to his old tricks. Brian seems to be up to his.

Radio Times: Matt spots a golden opportunity.

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  • Brian’s impressed with the way the sausage promotion is going at Jax, and Kenton tells him it’s all down to Tom. On the way home he saw a ‘Sold’ sign at the Cat and Fiddle.
  • Poor Clarrie has a long phone call from Will, then has to try and persuade Joe to eat something. But it’s no good; when he hears that William intends to divorce Emma, and that she wants Will to pay for their DNA tests, he can’t face food.
  • Lynda calls on Lilian to see if she knows what’s going on at the Cat and Fiddle. A brazen Matt says it’s going to be converted to de luxe apartments, fully in keeping with the character of the building. When Lynda leaves, Lilian rounds on Matt, who smugly tells her that he fully intended to scupper Steve Chalkman’s deal, in revenge for Steve’s trying to scupper his divorce – but when Steve offered him a cut … well, how could a businessman like Matt refuse?
  • Jennifer gets a wonderful story from Joe, which bears out her theory that it revolves around the Lawson-Hope ancestors. She excitedly tells Brian about it, but is stopped in her tracks when Brian announces that he intends to go to Germany after Hungary, because it’s Ruaridh’s third birthday. He somehow thinks that by coming clean, it will all be all right. A furious Jennifer tells him he had better find a good story to tell Kate and Alice.
  • Joe has decided to pay for Ed and Emma’s DNA test out of his pension. At least they’d all know the truth then. No, says Clarrie, gently. It’s their mess, and they must sort it out.

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