Ed’s feeling more cheerful, while Will’s feeling more desperate.

Radio Times: The pressure takes its toll on Will.

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  • As Lynda walks Scruff, he runs amok amongst Will’s new pheasant poults, and Will tells her that if it happens again, he’ll shoot the dog. When Lynda tells Roy about the encounter, she claims she was alone with an irrational man carrying a gun. Roy points out that Will has a lot of problems, and a contrite Lynda admits that it puts her worries into perspective.
  • Emma runs into Hayley, and asks her back to the caravan. Hayley adores George, and tells Emma how she longs for a baby, but not while they’re still living with the in-laws. She’s curious to know why Emma went ahead with the wedding, knowing she was carrying Ed’s baby, and Emma admits that it was for security. Hayley can’t understand why George’s paternity should be such a problem – after all, she regards Phoebe as her own child; until Kate comes home and spoils things, that is.
  • A cheerful Ed shows Emma the ad in the Farmers’ Weekly. He’s been thinking; he’ll put the DNA test on his credit card, and pay it off when he gets a steady job. He knows how much it matters to Emma, and that way they can make a fresh start.
  • Someone else has seen Ed’s ad; his brother, who is alarmed at the statement ‘will re-locate abroad’. It might mean that he never sees George again. If that happened, he just couldn’t carry on.
  • Roy hasn’t told Hayley that he’s booked extra time off when Kate comes home. When she discovers this, all Hayley’s uncertainties surface. Beside the glamorous, travelled Kate, she’s nothing, and Phoebe will see that. No, says Roy, she thinks you’re the best mum in the world, and so do I.

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