Ed gets a job offer in France. Sam and Kirsty plan to go away for the weekend.

Radio Times: Sam and Kirsty are called to a crisis.

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  • Ed and Emma are playing happy families in the caravan. Emma is getting worked up about the DNA test on Friday. She wishes it was sooner then she could get it over with. Ed gets a reply to his ad in the Farmers Weekly. It’s the possibility of a job in France! He’s off to see them tomorrow.
  • Jennifer is doing more investigation into Joe’s tales of local history. There might even be a link to the Archer family via a scandalous marriage. Phil will have to look at the parish records.
  • Sam is treating Kirsty to dinner at Boticellis as his prize for winning the dairy herd award. And he suggests going away for a weekend – to a country house hotel too. Kirsty is thrilled but she decides she’s rather go to Liverpool. And then they end their romantic evening in the cow shed delivering a calf.

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