Ed is offered the job in France. Brian continues to show he’s the senior partner to Tom.

Radio Times: Ed hopes for a bon voyage.

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  • Ed has been to see Bracknell about the possible job in France. The people didn’t have a clue about farming but they seemed quite posh and there is a stable being converted which Emma and Ed would live in. The reference from Oliver certainly helped. Then he gets the phone call to say he’s got the job! Emma can’t wait to start a new life. She wants to tell everyone but Ed tells her to wait until after the DNA test. They don’t want Ed to get to hear of it too soon.
  • Brian has arranged for the sausages and Hassett Hills to feature in a special Borchester Echo supplement. Tom tells him they did well with the promotion at Jaxx, which Brian just sees as confirmation of his decision to reduce the pork content.
  • Alan is helping Phil and Jennifer with their historical research. He’s so busy that he hopes Mabel and Aunty Satya will get on. They will be company for each other. They do find a record of the old wedding they are looking for from 1746. Turns out Richard Lowton Hope married Briand’s widow. But he was buried only two weeks later so not a long and happy marriage. The record seems to suggest that Lowton Hope might have framed Briand and had him hanged so that he could marry the widow. Then just as they find that out, the power goes out and the Church is plunged into darkness. The door is blown open and in the darkness Phil sees quite clearly the Briand family emblem a fox!

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