Kate is home from South Africa. Mabel and Satya don’t start out as best of friends.

Radio Times: There’s a cultural clash at Usha’s party.

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  • Usha and Satya are preparing for their Diwali party. Satya has already decided Alan is the most unsuitable person in the area for Usha! Alan is having as much trouble convincing Mabel that she wants to go to the party. Alan needs to be careful around predatory women.
  • Kate makes the journey back from South Africa. She’s desperate to see Phoebe – straight from the school if possible. She’s also keen on going to the Diwali party! Kate admits to Jennifer that she has come alone to help Lucas bond with Nolly. He doesn’t see enough of her.
  • The atmosphere between Satya and Mabel is a little strained, especially when Alan gives Usha a Diwali present of a book of poker techniques. Alan tries to encourage some bonding between them but they end up doing the washing up! And Mabel and Satya are competing about how fast Mabel and Alan can get out of there!

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