Jack is getting more confused. Tom is cross with Brian for treating him like a fool.

Radio Times: Brian treads on Tom’s toes.

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  • Ed is looking after Grange Farm while Oliver is away and Joe drops in for a visit. Things could be better at home but Eddie is busy – he’s even got some geese to rear. Joe is disappointed now Jennifer has found out her scandal about John Briand. No one is going to want to know about his story now. Caroline isn’t impressed to find Ed and Joe in the kitchen. She really doesn’t approve of Ed. But then, she is William’s godmother. Ed tries to explain about the DNA test but Joe still thinks everyone is going to suffer. The family won’t ever be the same again.
  • Jack seems to be getting more confused. He doesn’t understand about the work at Grey Gables and seems to think Kate has come from Hungary. He also seems to think she works on a farm. And he doesn’t remember Caroline’s visit at all. He’s decided he’s not up to the Parish Council anymore either. But Peggy must stay on.
  • Brian and Tom are doing the feature for the Borchester Echo but Brian seems to want to give a rather different impression than Tom was planning. Tom is furious that Brian seems to think he was even thinking of mentioning the supermarket and Brian promises he won’t do it again.

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