Jack gets his just reward. Eddie still can’t get a drink.

Radio Times: Peggy’s on full alert at the cricket dinner.

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  • It’s the Ambridge Cricket Club Dinner, and the entire village seems to be there – though Jack is panicking and refusing to go. Peggy gently coaxes him by reminding him that he’s the guest of honour, and that if he doesn’t feel up to it, they can always come home.
  • Ed returns from Paris, having had a wonderful time. He’s still worried about the milk, though, and asks whether Mike is still moaning.
  • The after-dinner speeches begin, and Alistair makes a lovely speech about how much the club owes to Jack. When he hears the reminiscences, Jack is able to recall them, and even to laugh about some things. He is deeply moved when he is presented with a signed bat and made an honorary life member, with the pavilion renamed the Jack Wooley Pavilion.
  • Eddie is still desperate for a drink, and when Peggy comments that Lent rules don’t apply on Sundays, he cheers up, But Clarrie isn’t having any backsliding; Eddie will stay off the beer until Easter Day.
  • Everyone agrees that the dinner was a wonderful occasion. David seems to have enjoyed Ruth’s company, too. He sounds almost tender towards her.

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