Jack seems to be getting worse. David still isn’t really talking to Ruth.

Radio Times: Jack shows his dark side.

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  • David is still not being very talkative and finding things to do that keeps him out of the way of Ruth. They end up bribing the boys with chocolate to clean out the troughs. Ruth is still keen on going to the farm sale but David has arranged things so it isn’t possible for her to go.
  • Susan is enjoying Christopher’s skiing holiday vicariously. There seems to be more and more costs mounting up. And she thinks they might push him to the back if he goes to ski school. Pat thinks some lessons on a dry slope might be helpful.
  • Jack is in a state when Peggy gets home with Pat. Pat is surprised to see the state he is in. Peggy says the only way she can cope with him is if she is on her own with him. It’s for the best.

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