Pip misses Sam. Emma gets a job.

Radio Times: Pip pines for an old friend.

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  • Pip’s off school recovering from a tummy bug, but is anxious to see the triplet calves go off. When Ruth tells Pip and David that Emma’s coming to lunch to discuss the housekeeping job, Pip is delighted. She hopes George will come, too; it will be so nice to have someone to talk to. Her parents never seem to have time these days. David proves her right by saying he’s off to the Bull for lunch, to talk cricket. Poor Pip really misses Sam.
  • Sid waxes lyrical about his umpiring course, and Alistair gets a very positive response to the idea of winter nets at Edgbaston. Shula is busy fundraising, so despite Darrington being awkward, it looks like being a great cricket season. Even David is keen on the nets idea, to Phil’s surprise. Aren’t you too busy? he asks. No, says David, it will do me good to get away from the farm.
  • Emma is hesitant about her ability to do the Brookfield job, but Pip persuades her, saying she’d love to have George there. So as long as her hours can fit in with Jaxx and with Ian and Adam, Emma will start in a couple of weeks. Pip’s delighted.
  • Phil is starting to share Jill’s anxieties about David. When he asks about coming to the farm sale, David’s all for it, but says brusquely that Ruth can’t leave the farm as well. Phil tries to probe, but gets nowhere.
  • Pip takes photos of the calves. Phil tells her she’s a natural herdswoman just like her mother. That’s what Sam used to say, says Pip. Angrily, David changes the subject. Pip would love to send a photo to Sam, to show him what she has done in rearing them. When Phil suggests sending it to the company he worked for, David snaps at him; he’s left there, he says. No-one knows where he is.

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