Jack settles in at The Willows.

Radio Times: Will makes some tentative steps.

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  • Jack seems happy about going to The Willows but Lilian still has misgivings, especially about not telling her mum. She is grateful to her ‘Tiger’ about being so understanding – and about his efforts on behalf of her brother over the sale of Bridge Farm.
  • Nic has a new hairstyle that Will has not seen before; they have met in Borchester following Nic’s text messages. He has time for a cup of tea and a chat before meeting his mum and taking George swimming.
  • There is a button for Jack to press if he needs help at any time, Diane explains. When he asks about Peggy, his attention is diverted towards food: is he hungry? Lilian is reluctant to leave him but Matt insists it is for the best.
  • Will explains what he did to Ed; he isn’t proud of it; he didn’t know he could get so angry. He is glad that Nic made contact and agreed to see him. Later Will phones her from the baths and offers to take her children swimming on a subsequent visit. The offer is accepted.
  • Lilian cannot resist – she has phoned The Willows and learned that Jack is taking part in a quiz. What if they are not being truthful? Matt assures her that he is in a purpose built establishment with professional care on hand; by contrast, at The Dower House he was sometimes confused and unhappy. Lilian has no cause to feel guilty. Tomorrow she will tell Peggy; let’s hope she feels the same way.

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