Tom learns of the latest BL offer; surely the family cannot turn it down!

Radio Times: Tom’s hopes take a downward turn.

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  • Brian thought he had a burglar but it’s Tom working late. He agrees that the local curing firm looks good but is there a demand – it needs research, which Tom ought to have done already. He agrees that Tom should trim his Gourmet Grills bookings to the more profitable ones.
  • Joe and Eddie expected helpers with their cider pressing. Eddie is pleased that William is coming to Borchester tomorrow – not so far to take George. Neil and Tony do eventually turn up to help.
  • Tom is interviewing a pig man on Wednesday; Brian applauds the move but makes it clear that Tom will be responsible for his wages. Also, he lets slip that there is a new offer on the table from BL for the sale of Bridge Farm. That’s news to Tom.
  • Having acquired the bell simulator, Neil is becoming a campanology bore. Eddie reveals that he has agreed to take part in Lynda’s panto, Jack and the Beanstalk, but Lynda will be doing his Ghost Walk in return.
  • Tom loses no time in tackling his father about not passing on the news; Helen is being told as she and Pat visit Peggy. They wanted to think it through before getting hopes up. Tom is amazed: they cannot possibly turn BL down. Tony promises to explore every option but it does not look promising and he refuses to go cap in hand to mum, especially while she is ill. He cautions against Tom and Helen getting their hopes up: they may be horribly disappointed.

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