Jack accepts a brief stay in a care home. Matt makes Tony a proposition about his home.

Radio Times: Lilian’s prayers are finally answered.

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  • Jack is still struggling to understand what has happened to Peggy but is persuaded that today’s visitor may make it possible for him to have a little break too – at a very expensive care home with a short term, respite care vacancy. The family assembles – but without Jennifer who has Ruairidh duties.
  • At Brookfield, Pip’s black mood continues; her friendship with Izzy shows no sign of mending. David thinks they should have told Izzy’s mum but, since it is not certain that Izzy is pregnant, Ruth vetoes this.
  • Diane, the manager of The Willows, has brought a brochure which, Jack agrees, makes the place look very attractive. She quizzes the family about how much help he needs, for example with getting up. Jack is quite firm about the necessity of a cup of tea first thing. Why he is worried about rats is a mystery but he is placated by an assurance that residents and visitors can inspect the kitchens at any time.
  • David announces that he has agreed to help Kenton with the village firework display; Sid is too busy to do it. The brothers Archer are determined to put on a better show than Sid has ever managed and Ruth is satisfied that they are well capable of making a spectacle of themselves.
  • It is decided: Jack will go to The Willows on Tuesday for two weeks. Peggy is still not to be told. Before Tony leaves, Matt informs him that he has bowed to pressure from Lilian and has persuaded the BL board to accept £825K for Bridge Farm. Tony must consult the family; it’s £50K more than they offered. Matt warns him not to take too long.

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