Jake and Will enjoy their day together. Alan tries to help Shula see things more clearly. Justin tries to help Brian repair his marriage.

Radio Times: Brian tries to do the right thing

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  • As Justin waits outside St Stephen’s for Peggy, he is amused to see that Brian has been in attendance, and can’t help teasing him about it. Brian admits that he is doing it to try and regain his place in Jenny’s good books, though so far he has had little success.
  • Jake gives Will a hand checking the birds. Will intends taking him to Birmingham in yet another attempt to win Jake’s affection. The girls will stay with Clarrie. Seeing Harrison approach, Will reverts to surly mode, saying he has no intention of playing Cricket. Jake begs him to reconsider; he loved watching the game last Sunday, and would like Will to give him some practice. A surprised Will agrees to play; he will ring Harrison, and will then give Jake the practice he wants.
  • Having failed to catch Shula at church, Alan finds her in the churchyard tending a neglected grave. Alan offers to find her some gloves and tools, and is unsurprised when Shula admits to avoiding him. He persuades her to walk with him to the Vicarage, and says he will try to talk to Alistair too. Does Shula think she might be making a mistake? Surely something is salvageable.
  • At the Cricket match Brian asks Justin if BL will buy the land he needs to sell. Justin will put the idea to the board, but fears the price will be less than Brian paid. They watch Alistair walking back to the pavilion. He looked defeated even before he played, muses Justin, and that’s how you are looking.
  • Will is Man of the Match to Jake’s delight. Jake can’t wait to tell Mia. he’s had so much fun. Alan spots them, and comments on their smiles. Will admits it’s the first time since Nic died that he’s felt like smiling. Alan suggests that it’s all right to smile, especially for the children, and Will agrees. It’s all for the children now.

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