Susan has a plan to help the Grundys and the net may be closing on Freddie

Radio Times: Susan has concerns. Freddie is put on the spot

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  • Because Poppy is ill, Clarrie has had to take time off from the dairy, and Susan is feeling the strain. Helen chats about Open Farm Sunday, and Josh’s idea for a farm machinery competition, but Susan is more inclined to moan about workload. Helen mentions Hannah’s move to The Green; Susan thinks it isn’t safe after the brick incident. Pat is busy researching accommodation for the homeless, i. e. Olwen, which does not please Helen, who thinks it’s a waste of time. Susan, however, can see where Pat is coming from.
  • As Jolene decorates The Bull for the Royal wedding, Harrison drops by in search of childhood photos of Fallon. The happy couple are off to a wedding fair.
  • Susan is upset, and it’s not workload that is upsetting her, but the sight of Mia in tears at the shop because she didn’t have enough money for a food shop, and she wanted Poppy to have her favourite biscuits. Helen wonders who sent her. Susan decides to speak to Will about it, but Helen thinks it might embarrass him, so Susan has a re-think.
  • Having missed his Sunday pint for a spot of tiara-making for Poppy, Eddie takes his seat in The Bull. Both he and Clarrie are exhausted, and with Will returning to full-time work, things can only get worse. He wonders how they will cope.
  • Freddie is also heading for The Bull, but first he has to negotiate a rather difficult conversation with Harrison. Does Freddie know Ellis? Certainly not … well.. he might know OF Ellis, but doesn’t actually KNOW him. That’s odd, muses the PC, because Johnny seemed sure he was behind it. And what about that scuffle you had with Ellis? Freddie assures Harrison it was the Edgeley boys who were behind the brick-throwing. Harrison will look into it.
  • Before investigating the latest Ambridge crime, Harrison regales Jolene with the horrors of a wedding fair. He is touched that The Bull is to cater for the reception, and bowled over by Jolene’s offer to make the wedding cake. Freddie seems unduly anxious to get himself a drink. Susan tracks Eddie down, and tells him about Mia. Eddie is genuinely upset, and again says how exhausted he and Clarrie are. Enjoy your pint and leave the problem to me, says Susan. I’ve got an idea.

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