Olwen rejects Pat’s offers of help . Jennifer rejects Brian’s attempts at restoring domestic harmony

Radio Times: Jennifer is unimpressed

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  • Up early after a bad night with Jack, Helen is surprised to see Pat up and about. The reason for this is that Pat heard a noise. It was Olwen, leaving the laptop Pat gave her on the doorstep. Realising that Pat is hurt by Olwen’s rejection, Helen tells her of another way she can help others – by going on Susan’s rota for childcare, to help Will. Pat sounds less than enthusiastic when Helen says she has put their names down.
  • Jennifer finds Brian fixing a leaning shelf. He wants to make himself useful now he has time on his hands. Next comes fixing the kitchen tap, though as there is nothing wrong with it, and Jennifer wants to use the kitchen for her elder-flower cordial making, Brian’s DIY is not well received. Jennifer can take no more. She rings Adam, begging him for help.
  • Pat announces that she is going to The Elms. They may know where Olwen is. She will take her some food and the laptop. Olwen is so stubborn… yes, muses Helen. She’s not the only one. Pat refuses to listen. She has some great sites for Olwen to look at, and even some job possibilities.
  • When Adam arrives there is a shout from the kitchen. Water is gushing everywhere, including into the elder-flower cordial. Jennifer is verging on hysteria, so Adam takes Brian off to look at the wheat while Jennifer clears up. She will get someone in to look at the tap, which wasn’t broken in the first place. Adam seizes an opportunity to talk to Brian about the picker shortage. Brian offers to ask David to follow up NFU leads. In return, Adam offers to speak to Jennifer when they prepare the caravans about the situation between her and Brian.
  • Pat finally discovers Olwen in her car, but gets an aggressive response. Olwen has been assaulted, but is vociferous in her rejection of all Pat’s offers of help. She orders Pat to leave her alone, and when Pat persists, asks if this is what she did to Helen. Olwen declares that she likes Pat less and less every time she sees her. Pat responds in kind, but finally has to accept defeat.
  • At Bridge Farm Helen is despondent over the poor take-up for her courses. With Olwen’s cutting remarks still smarting, Pat tells Helen she is proud of her. Did you find Olwen? enquires Helen. No, says a subdued and untruthful Pat. She’d already gone.

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