Jamie gate-crashes Pip’s Barn Dance.

Radio Times: Jamie makes his presence felt and Pip faces a challenging evening.

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  • Preparations for the Young Farmers Barn Dance are well in hand. Apart from the stage being late arriving, Pip’s well laid plans are going without a hitch. She is expecting not just Tom on the burger van but Brenda too – a refugee from Jazzer! There is only one thing with which she would like parental help: keep Josh away!
  • Izzy is looking forward to a good evening – without boyfriend Gary but with no intention of being alone. She is very impressed with Matthew; where has Pip been hiding him?
  • It turns out that Josh is not the problem: using his local knowledge, Jamie and his friend Marty have gate-crashed the dance and, rather the worse for drink, make nuisances of themselves. Rather unwisely, Jamie faces is up to rugby player Matthew who has others of a similar size to call upon. Pip calls dad, just in time to prevent Jamie from having his lights knocked out.
  • David delivers a bolshy and unrepentant Jamie back to Kathy. Marty’s dad was not best pleased at having to come and collect his son.
  • Back at Brookfield, David and Ruth reflect on how unfair it was on Pip after all her hard work. She is now worried that she might have to step down as assistant social secretary. Jamie has certainly changed since Sid died – and not for the better.

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