Kate gets her come uppance from her Gran.

Radio Times: Roy and Hayley receive an unwelcome letter and Kate hears some home truths.

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  • Roy’s phone is practically incandescent, so annoyed is Hayley. She has received an official letter from the school about Phoebe’s unauthorised absence; it outlines their legal responsibilities. Hayley is going to confront Kate with it and Roy will have to look after Phoebe, regardless of him being at work. Ian suggests that, on his way home, he calls in on Peggy to ask if she can look after Phoebe.
  • Meanwhile Kate is visiting her Gran, collecting a birthday cheque, but leaves when Ian arrives. Peggy is quite happy to look after Phoebe but Ian does not enlighten her about why.
  • When Peggy collects Phoebe, Roy is trying – as calmly as he can manage – to instil into her that what Kate did was wrong; it will not happen again.
  • Hayley makes clear her anger about Phoebe missing school and extracts from Kate a grudging agreement not to do it again.
  • At The Lodge, Phoebe is learning just what a madam Kate was as a youngster. Nothing changes; Phoebe spills the beans about her illicit shopping trip and about the trouble her parents are now in. Once Phoebe has gone, Peggy is straight on the phone to Kate.
  • Kate tries to play down the incident but Peggy will have none of it. She undermined Roy and Hayley and confused the child. When Kate protests that she is Phoebe’s mother, her Gran points out that she is her mother only when it suits her. Ouch! Peggy has Phoebe’s best interests at heart, and so should Kate.

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