Jim’s debut as a quizmaster does not go down well.

Radio Times: It’s starters for ten at the Bull pub quiz and Jazzer is full of bright ideas.

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  • Jazzer is clearly not Brenda’s idea of a model guest. Nevertheless he is in buoyant mood; why – because tonight’s quiz at The Bull is going to be a Harry-free experience.
  • While washing the Riley, Jim fends off Bert’s probing about tonight’s pub quiz. As Kathy passes he commiserates about her and Kenton, hoping he has not contributed to the problem.
  • Following a phone call from Brian, Matt is in a mood to celebrate. Lilian is committed to help with the quiz, so Matt is pressed to join Brenda’s team – it will be some compensation for being foisted with Jazzer, Tom having cried off.
  • Jazzer is quick to point out that Harry does not have the monopoly on ideas for The Bull; he has a few himself and Fallon approves. Also, Kathy’s new menus will go live at the weekend. Kathy is very pleased with Fallon’s suggestion that she might invite Jamie to the cinema.
  • Jim’s sartorial sensitivities will not allow him to wear a T-shirt but this is not the only manner in which he is on a higher plane than the majority of quiz contestants. The first round is Latin abbreviations. It gets worse. Fearing a riot or a mass walk-out, first Fallon and then Bert intervene to bring the proceedings to a more appropriate level. Even Jazzer is in with a chance now.

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