BL falls into line; Kate is annoyed that Brian and Jennifer won’t fall into line.

Radio Times: Kate’s plans are thwarted and Brian tries to reach a compromise.

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  • Oh, by the way, I have invited Phoebe for a big family Sunday lunch, announces Kate. Well, she will have to un-invite her because Brian and Jennifer are going to be out at the Wheelers, and no – they are not going to change their plans.
  • At the BL board meeting, Brian is selling the idea of a separate company for the market development. Most see it as a good solution to the impasse. Only Martin proves difficult, though Brian is relieved when Andrew provides a convincing summary which looks as if it will win the day.
  • Kate relieves her annoyance by moaning to Adam. She really expected her parents to change their plans but Adam makes it quite clear how unreasonable that was. Since he and Ian will be looking after Ruairi on Sunday, why doesn’t Kate bring Phoebe too?
  • BL vote for Brian’s well thought out proposal (the true author of which is not acknowledged) with the proviso that they push Matt hard on the price of his ransom strip.
  • Jennifer has vuvuzela blues; how delightful that Kate brought one for Ruairi! She can hardly concentrate on updating the village website. Kate wants to use the computer, so can’t Jennifer’s update wait? What cheek!
  • Brian celebrates the day’s victory over a whisky with Adam. He isn’t looking forward to the negotiation with Matt. He won’t phone Matt tonight – rather he will let him sweat a bit and ring him in the morning.

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