Jamie is pressed into helping with repairs to the hide.

Radio Times: Robert has his hands full and Jazzer makes use of his powers of persuasion.

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  • After school, there is an act of penance in store for Jamie: he is going with Robert to buy the materials and then to help with the repairs to the hide. Robert is determined to get him fully involved and to face up to the consequences of his actions. They need to ring Mike to arrange the loan of a generator, so Jamie must do it.
  • Jazzer is looking rough: firstly because his girl-friend’s husband came back early and gave him a shiner and secondly because he slept rough on the Grundys’ campsite. He wonders if perhaps …
  • Once the pigs have been packed off, Jazzer returns to the subject he was trying to broach earlier: he needs accommodation for a couple of nights. He is not good at the outdoor life and if Tom wants a worker who is able to concentrate properly, it is in his interests to help. He will be a model guest. Tom reluctantly agrees, though how he is going to sell the idea to Brenda he is not at all sure.
  • Robert is finding Jamie hard work. In the first place he is not the most enthusiastic of workers, clearly thinking that banging a bit of plywood over the damaged area would have been adequate – but that would have presented a trip hazard. Secondly he is not forthcoming about the loss of Kenton from his life; he acts tough and shrugs it off but, as Robert later reports to Lindy, he thinks that inside, Jamie is hurting like hell.

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