Jamie gets very upset on Sid’s birthday but it seems to help things with Kathy.

Radio Times: Kathy undertakes a frantic search, and Shula becomes concerned about the family.

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  • The school has rung Kathy to let her know Jamie hasn’t turned up for his exam. He seems to have gone missing when she finally tracks him down to the cricket pitch thinking about Sid. He gets very emotional. It all felt just like it did a year ago. It seems to help break down some barriers with Kathy though.
  • Pip is gradually gathering enough people to help with Open Farm Sunday at Home Farm. It’s not great timing with exams but at least it means David doesn’t have to do it.
  • There are possible plans to reduce the bus service further. How will people who don’t drive cope? Jim is going to take it up with the bus company.
  • Things aren’t getting any better with Elizabeth. She is still barely speaking to Jill and won’t talk to anyone else. It’s such a strain. At least David is getting away to the Farm show. It will give him a complete break. He seems to be looking forward to it. It will give him something else to think about.

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