Kate decides Phoebe will definitely be going to South Africa for a year.

Radio Times: It is a day of memories in Ambridge, and Roy tries to make Kate listen.

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  • Elizabeth and Roy are off on their course on country houses. But Jolene and Elizabeth are both suffering with memories. Elizabeth remembers how Nigel was determined to get the business going at Lower Loxley rather than sell it in the teeth of his mother’s objections. He saw it as his duty. Jolene remembers more Sid’s obsession with the cricket pitch.
  • Hayley is cross with Roy that Phoebe has wrapped him round her little finger. Elizabeth agrees with her. Phoebe is only 12 and she can’t possibly understand the ramifications of going away so far for so long. And what if Phoebe decides never to come back? Roy doesn’t want to hear. He think Phoebe is just like Kate and will resent it forever if they don’t let her go.
  • The course goes well. Roy and Elizabeth pick up lots of ideas about getting in richer customers and giving them exclusive tours.
  • Later in the pub, Roy wants to know more information about what Phoebe would do, especially with her schooling while she was in South Africa. Kate, of course, takes it that the trip is now agreed.

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