Elizabeth is showing no signs of letting up on ignoring David – refusing to ask where some paperwork is and ignoring Ruth’s birthday.

Radio Times: Adam sets things in motion, and Kathy remains hopeful.

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  • Adam is getting ready for Open Farm Sunday at Home Farm but Brian is shocked at the cost of the insurance. And Will isn’t happy. Adam knows he will have to be clear about where people are going to be but the insurance will be the key.
  • Elizabeth is getting ready for her first meeting with Graham about the estate. It seems some of the things David was working on are missing but she won’t hear of Lewis contacting David to find out where it is. He does anyway.
  • Harry is joining Jazzer on the regular trips to Home Farm to visit Zofia. Turns out the visit on Friday is not going to be Shakespeare rather than the theme park – maybe Jazzer won’t be so interested although it is the Scottish play….
  • Jill offers to help look after the children on Nigel’s birthday since Elizabeth is on a course. But she already has it under control. Jill takes the opportunity to remind her that it’s Ruth’s birthday next week but Elizabeth hangs up.
  • Exams are causing tension for Kathy but Daniel seems quite calm. Still, Jamie’s girlfriend Natalie seems to be having a positive effect – he’s actually getting some revision done and getting enough sleep. It’s a year tomorrow since Sid’s heart attack and his birthday on Thursday. There is a lot to deal with. Jill suggests Kathy should just be on hand if he wants to talk – even if he doesn’t take her up on it.

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