Phoebe manages to convince Roy going to South Africa for a year is a good idea.

Radio Times: Ed struggles to shake the feeling he is being monitored, while Roy and Phoebe have a mature conversation.

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  • The new website section on the birds is looking promising. Some more work to be done but the pictures in particular are looking good. They need to be giving the experience days a lot more focus too. Roy is going to have to leave early – he needs to take Phoebe for a chat about South Africa.
  • Ed and Emma are having a pleasant rest with the baby when Oliver comes round. There doesn’t seem to be a reason for the visit – except to wake the baby up. Ed thinks Oliver is checking up on him, he is beginning to lose some confidence in himself.
  • Roy meets Phoebe for a chat and despite his intention to persuade her to go only for the summer, Phoebe wraps him around her little finger and Roy leaves wondering if a year a way would be the best thing for her and blames Hayley for not wanting to let her go.
  • Next on Oliver’s list of visits is to David at Brookfield. Again, not much to say but they do wonder if Elizabeth will ever get over losing Nigel.

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