Jamie is at a loose end; Ed seeks a holiday hotel.

Radio Times: Jazzer dispenses some words of wisdom.

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  • Ed reports on a modest night out with Fallon. Jazzer feels that today’s activity with Fallon is a bit tame: grape picking at Lower Loxley. Ed confesses he is finding it difficult to adjust to the new situation.
  • Jamie is not keen to go to a museum with Shula and Daniel: it’s boring – so is Daniel. Kathy agrees that he can stay with his dad instead – whether his dad likes it or not!
  • Taking Fallon away seems like a good idea to Ed – but it has to be romantic – and easy to get to. Devon! In The Bull, Jamie finds it more exciting helping Ed look for a hotel on the internet, though they could do without Susan’s interest.
  • Ruairidh has enjoyed his stay with Adam and Ian and has been very good but he is pleased to see Jennifer and daddy. Brian has a board meeting this week and is looking forward to witnessing the new board member, Annabel, put Chalkman in his place.
  • Back in the shop, Susan reports to Jennifer that the Diocesan Advisory Committee recommends a compromise over the pews – keep some but reposition them.
  • Ed and Fallon have taken Jamie to pick grapes at Lower Loxley; he was bored at The Bull. So he decides to stay with mum instead and help her, which is more or less what he wanted to do at the outset.

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