Fallon and Ed enjoy their new status. Bert narrowly misses taking the ploughing championship.

Radio Times: The end is in sight for Bert.

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  • Fallon had a great time last night, even though Ed left in what seemed like the middle of the night. Clearly it won’t be the last. They will be in touch later by text.
  • Bert is doing another ploughing match; maybe in future he will be ploughing with a horse. He is not nervous as he has nothing to lose.
  • Fallon cannot stay away from Ed and pays another visit to Grange Farm. Jazzer thinks it is romantic.
  • Bert seems to be doing well, although he had a shaky start; but his arch-rival had a bad start too.
  • In The Bull, Fallon has to give some attention to customers, leaving Ed to talk to Jazzer. Jazzer is surprised that Ed is planning nothing more than a night out listening to a band at Felpersham Uni.
  • The result of the ploughing match is: second Jimmy Prentice and first Bert Fry, so he might just have got the championship – but he hasn’t quite, Prentice won. Nevertheless David and Ruth are so pleased and will take Bert and Freda out tonight to celebrate.

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