Kathy tells Jamie she is going to give evidence in Court against someone who attacked her. Ed finally tells Fallon, in public that he loves her too although Emma seems less than impressed.

Radio Times: Ed sets hearts racing at the Bull.

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  • David and Ruth are sorting out their natural habitat scheme. It all seems to be going well.
  • Kathy has to explain to Kenton about what is worrying Jamie. She knows she is going to tell Jamie at least some of what is happening or he will just keep worrying.
  • Kathy does manage to tell Jamie that she was the victim of a crime and she is going to give evidence. But now he’s worried that the person might come and threaten Kathy. She tells him he’s locked up in prison and won’t come near them.
  • Fallon is still pretty miserable at the Bull. But Ed finally turns up and tells her he loves her too and there are hug and kisses to cheers all round – even from Emma, who says she had always thought they’d make a great couple…..

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