Jamie is involved in a road accident when Steve steals a car. Kenton comes to the rescue.

Radio Times: Kenton receives a shocking phone call. Rhys and Harry’s bike race takes an unexpected turn.

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  • The Bull is looking very busy with the start of Harry and Rhys’s race. They are pretty much together. Rhys tries to bait Harry into giving up. Suddenly a car shoots out of nowhere taking Harry off his bike and crashing. They call an ambulance.
  • Suddenly, Jamie is on the phone to Kenton, he’s been involved in a car crash. Kenton gets to him and finds out that Steve and Marty were in a stolen car. He has a check on what is happening and no one is seriously hurt but Harry and Rhys are having to make statements to the police.
  • Harry and Rhys have to give up on the race. Never mind, it will be a great party at The Bull anyway.
  • Kenton is a rock, supporting Jamie and getting him back to Ambridge. With Jolene’s support he even persuades him to talk to Kathy. Turns out Steve decided to take the keys to a flash car from the beer garden of a pub. Steve had been drinking too. But Jamie had refused to get in. He didn’t want anything to do with it. Kenton takes some consolation in that Jamie turned to him when he needed someone.
  • Kenton is right. While Kathy isn’t thrilled, she is just pleased Jamie is safe. She agrees with Kenton that Jamie will need to talk to the police and even defers to him when he suggests tomorrow is soon enough. He is the only witness to what led up to the accident and it might even help Marty if they know it was just Steve leading him on. Kenton and Kathy agree that the morning will be soon enough to go to the police. She is grateful to Kenton for all he’s done.

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