Now Caroline won’t be godmother, Emma and Ed need two more.

Radio Times: Caroline is in a mischievous mood, and Elizabeth opens up to her brother.

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  • Oliver is disappointed that Caroline doesn’t want to celebrate their anniversary. Ed is sure she will enjoy a home cooked meal. Oliver and Caroline haven’t had chance to talk about being godparents yet. They will soon. Then Caroline appears and says she is taking him out for the day – a clay pigeon shooting then a rather nice lunch.
  • Emma tells Ruth about the change of plans for the christening being at Susan’s rather than Rickyard. Ruth will still look forward to going but she can’t speak for Josh. He’s turning into a typical teenager.
  • Over lunch, Oliver and Caroline talk about the christening. Caroline says she can’t. She knows she did for William but she has changed. She’ll do all the secular stuff – presents and pantomimes but not the religious part. It would be hypocritical.
  • Kenton find Elizabeth having a quiet moment in the vineyard. She admits she is finding the row with David very hard. She hates what it is doing to everyone. She will try to protect the children but she just can’t have anymore to do with David. And she admits she is turning into a control freak. Kenton tries to convince herself she shouldn’t cut herself off – let alone Freddie and Lily. She says she won’t but Kenton isn’t sure.
  • Oliver comes round to tell them that Caroline won’t be godmother. Emma is rather put out – not least because it means they now need to find 2 more!

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