Jennifer now knows Corinthia Hart is opening the village fete – Brian has yet to read the book!

Radio Times: It is party time for Phoebe, and Hayley comes to terms with her big decision.

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  • Hayley is putting the finishing touches to Phoebe’s birthday disco. Vicky tells Hayley how sensible she is being to let Phoebe go to South Africa. She was never going to win the argument so she might as well give in gracefully.
  • It’s all hands to the pump at the village hall. Even Brian has to help sticking up balloons. But Phoebe will have to have the last say on the birthday banners – just like her mother. She has already demanded adults are banned from the disco and have to stay in the kitchen. But they are keeping someone on the front door to stop them sneaking out. Vicky kindly breaks the news that Corinthia Hart (author of Mistress of the Paddock) to come to open the fete. Vicky and Hayley are thrilled. Jennifer doesn’t sound so convinced. Vicky tells Brian too, but he’s only read a paragraph….
  • Kate manages to thank Hayley for agreeing Phoebe can come to South Africa. She knows it will have been hard. Kate promises she’ll encourage her to keep in touch. She and Lucas really will take care of her. She is so grateful to Hayley for giving her the chance.
  • They’ve had Alice’s results – a 2:1. Jennifer claims she is thrilled but Kate says she knows Jennifer was hoping for a first. Still in a couple of years 2 daughters will have a Masters from Felpersham. Kate is going to do one via distance learning. Meanwhile, drink driving is now the big issue in Ambridge with 3 references on one day!

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