Susan is determined to make Keira’s christening the social event of the season.

Radio Times: Usha has divided loyalties, while Emma lets the grandmothers take charge.

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  • Plans for the fete are well advanced. The big thing this year is going to be a scarecrow competition. Lewis has agreed to judge it. Clarrie has got a few days off and is going to use it to tidy the garden and might even have a rest once it’s done. Susan suggests it would be a good time to read Mistress of the Paddocks. Emma arrives and announces the christening is going to be on the 17th July.
  • Elizabeth is over excited about her plans for the Garden Festival. Usha has to stop her talking about it. Usha also tries to raise the option of bereavement counselling but she completely stone walls the idea. Kenton, meanwhile tell her he is going to try to upgrade the special menu at The Bull. Elizabeth sees it as industrial espionage.
  • Lynda is trying to catch the llama dyers with posters in the village shop. At least they are a paler pink now and they will be clipped in a couple of weeks but still, she won’t rest until she finds the culprits. But it doesn’t mean she hasn’t had time to come up with the themes for the scarecrows – nursery times and fairy tales.
  • Kenton talks to Usha about the veggie options at The Bull – Usha admits they are all the same – just different spices in whichever it is. Good luck with changing Freda on that. He is still worried about Jamie. Usha tells him Natalie will help – the love of a good woman and all that. Kenton admits that has saved him several times!
  • The Grandmas take over the preparations for the christening to the extent that Susan convinces her it should be held at their house – more space if it rains. Emma is still feeling sick at the thought of Mistress of the Paddocks. Surely Brian didn’t get up to all those “things” with Mandy Beesborough. Emma fancies the things Clarrie made for Eddie’s birthday – scotch eggs and pork pies but Susan clearly has grander ideas.

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