Pip and Spencer begin to wonder about whether Steve and Jamie might be responsible for the llama spraying.

Radio Times: David weighs things up, and Harry is moving fast.

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  • Pip has entered some lambs for the Borchester Show without telling David. She is worried he’ll be bothered but he’s thrilled and sends her off to pick out the ones and he will check them. Pip takes the opportunity to suggest she might take on the meat marketing side of the farm once she’s graduated but David is very hesitant.
  • Ruth tells Usha the talk with Elizabeth didn’t go well. She blew up when Ruth mentioned bereavement counselling. Usha just tries to convince her there is no point trying while Elizabeth is in the frame of mind she is in. So Ruth determines to focus on David and the farm and ignore Elizabeth. But where did all the nice times go.
  • Harry and Zofia are off for a cycle ride together. She seems interested in the race, though if she can’t be there at the start she will be there at the end. Zofia agrees to dragoon the other pickers into pledging for Harry. They have a picnic of strawberries and Zofia offers to produce some homemade cherry brandy – she’ll take it to Harry’s flat when Jazzer is out. She is surprised to hear Jazzer is one for the ladies. She definitely prefers Harry.
  • Once they pick out the lambs, David and Pip are very pleased with themselves but David does have to say that there might not be a chance for her to work full time at Brookfield. They couldn’t afford it now. (Ed: Surely Bert will be dead by then?). David wishes thing were better while Pip tries to be more positive – he doesn’t need to be so gloomy.
  • Pip explains to Spencer about the llamas being sprayed pink – he’d heard someone had dyed their sheep pink. Spencer thinks it’s the sort of thing Steve might have got up to. They make the link with Jamie and Josh and the graffiti and Steve, Spencer and Marty and the lambs but decide now isn’t the time to mention it.

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