Robert makes a surprising discovery. Ed and Emma make plans for Keira. Ruth faces the wrath of Elizabeth.

Radio Times: Ruth tackles the situation head on, and Lynda is in for a shock.

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  • Emma is pleased to have some time with Ed while Oliver is milking for him, though Ed is worried about it. They walk by the Am, where Emma went after leaving Will for Ed. They agree it is good to be settled with the right person. They discuss having Keira christened, as her two grandmothers want. Emma suggests asking Oliver and Caroline to be god-parents; Ed thinks that is a great idea.
  • Lynda returns from work anxious to discuss plans for their party, or fête champêtre as she prefers to call it. But Robert has other things on his mind, and takes Lynda outside to look at the llamas. Someone has spray-painted them pink. With the help of Joe and Eddie, Robert has washed them, but they still have a decidedly pink tinge.
  • Ruth summons her courage to face Elizabeth, who is instantly defensive and prickly. Ruth quietly states her case, saying how much they love the twins, and how they would always care for them. Elizabeth loses her temper and shouts at Ruth, reminding her that David was the cause of Nigel’s death. Ruth suggests counselling, but that is the final straw for Elizabeth who tells Ruth she has a nerve to suggest it; how could that possibly help?

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