Jamie reveals something of Kenton’s relationship history.

Radio Times: Jamie has a surprise meeting, and Eddie and Joe’s plans for lunch go awry.

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  • Jamie’s message is brief: he won’t come to The Bull this evening to watch a video with Fallon. She rings him back later and persuades him to change his mind on the basis that she will be on her own – mum will be out.
  • Eddie and Joe are eagerly anticipating their lunch at Ambridge Hall but their cunning plan had overlooked the possibility that the Snells are also supporting the vicar’s campaign; rice and lentils is not what Joe and Eddie had expected. Afterwards the desperate pair make a bee line for The Bull …
  • … and they had scarcely ordered life-saving pasties and chips, when Robert joins them, necessitating a rapid about-turn. They hatch a new cunning plan, for next Sunday, to get Clarrie invited out (to Emma’s) while they stay at home and cook their own lunch.
  • Jamie’s timing could have been better. He arrives at The Bull just as Kenton does. Kenton attempts to explain that his relationship with Jolene is not a casual thing, but Jamie is not receptive; he observes that Kenton’s relationship with his mum was the real thing too!
  • Jamie wonders why nobody tells him anything. Fallon admits that she had known about the new relationship for a couple of weeks and it had been a shock for her too. She sees it as her mum moving on and they do seem genuinely happy together. She also thinks that Kenton is genuinely sorry that he has upset Jamie. They settle down to the video but not before Jamie has given Fallon something to think about by revealing Kenton’s fling with Holly, which he maintains was the cause of Kathy throwing Kenton out. Jolene had better watch out!

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